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Door furniture in Geelong

Providing top quality commercial door hardware which is affordable and professionally distributed is our priority at Detail Door Hardware. We believe our extensive range of door furniture provides valued clients throughout Victoria and south east Australia with a choice of products that will suit your applications.

Our door hardware product range includes:

Talk to us at Detail Door Hardware about your door furniture requirements. Our fully qualified staff in Geelong can provide you with advice and information you require for your business.

Architectural Door Furniture

At Detail Door Hardware we specialise in commercial door hardware which includes an impressive architectural hardware range designed to meet the needs of a modern business. Our architectural hardware products are manufactured to the highest standards and the range features a variety of finishes to suit a range of building styles and themes. We provide...
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Automatic Swing Door Operators

Detail Door Hardware supplies automatic swing door operators from our Geelong door hardware store. They are suitable for domestic and commercial use. Hands-free door opening can improve pedestrian access and help reduce the spread of infection. Automatic swing door operators are particularly helpful for elderly and disabled members of our community and are important in...
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Commercial Door Furniture

At Detail Door Hardware we ensure our staff across our three locations provide first class service backed up by professional advice and top quality products. Commercial door hardware is the basis of our business and we want to provide our clients with the ideal door furniture for their business. Our range of door furniture products...
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Bathroom Hardware

Any new or renovated business will require bathroom fittings or washroom hardware and at Detail Door Hardware we have a large range to suit all building types. Our professional and qualified staff can discuss with you the particular style you are after and the range you need for your office. Our bathroom hardware range includes:...
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Door Closers

Top-quality and efficient door closers are a necessary part of any commercial premises and at Detail Door Hardware we provide a variety of door closers to suit your particular building. Our range includes hydraulic door closers as well as: cam action door closers – these are easier to open and more power to close electric...
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Door Hinges & Pivot Sets

Door hinges are an almost inconspicuous but extremely important part of your commercial door hardware. How well a door will operate is based on the quality, strength and condition of the door hinges. At Detail Door Hardware we provide a range of hinges that apply to a variety of doors. The size of a door...
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Door Seals

Protecting your business premises from the elements is important for conserving energy with heating or cooling as well as enabling a building to be kept clean and healthy. This is where door seals are vital. Detail Door Hardware provides a range of doors seals which keep your building safe and protected from weather. We stock...
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Electro-Mechanical Door Locks

At Detail Door Hardware we have a range of electro-mechanical door locks including stand-alone electronic locks through to wireless integrated electronic locks. Electronic access control is a convenient and safe means of entry to a range of commercial industries needing a uniform means of entrance – these include hotels, universities, aged care facilities and offices....
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We stock a range of general locking products such as cupboard locks, padlocks, deadlocks, key cabinets, bolts, door stops, flush pulls and catches.  
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Mechanical Door Locks

The perfect entry system to your business can be a mechanical door lock where you and your staff don’t have to bother with keys and any security issues with losing keys. Mechanical door locks are convenient, dependable and can be safer than a keyed lock. At Detail Door Hardware our mechanical door locks are basically...
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A safe needs to be simply that. Safe. It needs to be of superior quality so it is resistant to any break-in as well as resistant to being stolen from your premises. At Detail Door Hardware we can advise you on the right type of safe for your business, and not simply supply one that...
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Sliding Door Tracks

When considering your commercial door hardware needs, it’s easy to overlook sliding door track systems. These are important as the weight of a door plays an important part in the correct functioning and lifespan of the door track system you choose. At Detail Door Hardware we ensure the weight of the door is checked before...
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