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Mechanical door locks, Geelong

The perfect entry system to your business can be a mechanical door lock where you and your staff don’t have to bother with keys and any security issues with losing keys. Mechanical door locks are convenient, dependable and can be safer than a keyed lock.

At Detail Door Hardware our mechanical door locks are basically a keypad with a combination and push-button door entry. Combinations can be changed if your circumstances change and the combination can be as long or as short as you want.


Panic Exit Devices

We supply reliable and safe panic exit devices that are designed to provide single action push type emergency exit from commercial offices, public entertainment venues and industrial complexes. We only supply exit devices that are renowned for their safety, reliability and suitability for your application.


Door Accessories

Select from our large range of door accessories which can often be needed for any commercial door hardware fit out. These incude door closers, door security bolts, floor and wall stops, magnetic catches, padlocks, door hinges, pivot steps and door seals as well as washroom hardware.

Talk to our friendly and professional staff. We can provide the information and advice you need when looking for commercial or architectural door hardware in Geelong.