Master Key Systems Geelong

To order restricted keys;

We require a written key order signed by an authorised person stating;

  • The job name and / or address
  • The Key Number and System Number ( these are generally stamped on the key head)
  • Quantity required
  • Keys are delivered promptly via Express eParcel or can be collected in-store
  • Registered, restricted keys are $30 each plus $15 administration / delivery

Master key systems are designed to provide maximum security, convenience and access control.

Detail Locksmiths and Coastal Locksmiths design and build high-security master key systems for businesses, schools, hospitals, residential towers, sporting facilities, houses, commercial properties and more. Whether you have 2 doors or 1000 our locksmith team can tailor a master key system to secure your premises.

We use the latest technology and machinery to design, build and maintain systems, keys and cylinders.

Our Key Management Software keeps comprehensive records of your keys so you can track how many keys have been cut, when they were cut and who authorised the order.

  • Restricted master key systems – Keys can only be duplicated when ordered by an authorised person
  • Construction key systems – Secure your building site and reduce labour costs
  • Non-restricted master key systems
  • Electronic key systems
  • Large master keying capabilities
  • We have a selection of key profiles to provide low, medium and high security systems
  •  SCEC endorsed systems
  • Patent protected
  • Colour coded inserts for easy key identification
  • Retro-fit suitability

For all your master key system needs, please contact Detail Locksmiths and Coastal Locksmiths.

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